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A few weeks back during the second module of P-DTR Chicago Intermediate, students took an in depth look at foot and ankle biomechanics.

This included everything from osteology to major ligamentous and tendinous structures to common pathologies.

Honing in on important signs and symptoms to guide you to assess for dysfunction with different structures is one of the most valuable takeaways from Intermediate training.

Chronic ankle sprains or lingering discomfort after fully healed tears?

Look to the Y ligament inside of the tarsal sinus.

Pain that improves upon movement but becomes unbearable while standing still?

Check the proximal and distal transverse ligaments of the foot.

Dysfunction of the TFL that doesn’t budge no matter how much you address the hip or knee?

Consider the calcaneocuboid ligament.

While the Foundations training provides practitioners with a fully loaded toolbox, the Intermediate training teaches them how to organize it.

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