The Afternoon Slump

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I recently worked on a patient complaining of a recurring late afternoon slump. Low energy can be due to multiple sources. Dietary triggers. Ileocecal valve. Adrenals. Thyroid. Anemia. B12 deficiency. What was the culprit in her particular case? Meridian dysfunction. Most active during the hours of 3-5 PM, the bladder meridian [...]

Menopause Mania

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Hot flashes. Night sweats. Insomnia. Fatigue. Lowered libido. Mood swings. All of these are classical symptoms of menopause. I remember the first patient I ever worked on who asked me as a last ditch effort if there was anything I could do to ease her symptoms. It was more of an [...]

Mysterious Medial Knee Pain

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Last month I worked on a woman who came in complaining of persistent medial knee pain. She had undergone a full knee replacement two years prior with the discomfort having been present ever since. Originally thinking this was just an immediate result of the surgery, she assumed that time and proper [...]

When your Autonomic System is out of Whack

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"My palms are starting to sweat," said a student during a treatment at a recent course. This is something I hear quite often. Many dysfunctions of the nervous system often involve autonomic reactions while some may in fact be directly tied to it as the source of or compensation for a [...]

Obesity and Dietary Compliance

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Obesity is a complicated disease. Comorbid conditions. A mess of environmental and psychosocial causes. The question of who should actually be treating it. A ways back I was referred a client by a nutritionist friend of mine. She had been working with this gentleman for the past year and had made [...]

De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis

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A few months back I worked on a patient who had been diagnosed with De Quervain's tenosynovitis. This is a condition in which the tendons around the base of the thumb and the lateral side of the wrist become inflamed and swollen. Ultimately this leads to pressure on surrounding nerves and [...]

When Surgery isn’t an Option

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Quite often, I get clients in looking to avoid surgery on XYZ. Barring cases of full tears, nerve compression at the level of the roots, or serious athletes unable to modify daily activities, this is often a very manageable request. One of my favorite clients in this boat was a 60 [...]

The Gunk in the Glide

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Two weeks ago I had a client come in complaining of dizziness every time he flexed his neck forward. When had it started? After a self adjustment. Now the most important disclaimer and a huge takeaway from this entry... anybody save for a trained profession should NEVER even consider cracking or [...]

A Spotlight on Foot and Ankle Biomechanics

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A few weeks back during the second module of P-DTR Chicago Intermediate, students took an in depth look at foot and ankle biomechanics. This included everything from osteology to major ligamentous and tendinous structures to common pathologies. Honing in on important signs and symptoms to guide you to assess for dysfunction [...]

Don’t Let A Label Get You Down

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“I have a torn ligament in my pelvis, cysts around my sacrum, my personal trainer is afraid to work with me now, and I can’t move without pain.” This is what a client wrote to me in her intake forms. Whenever a client has known structural tears I’m always completely upfront [...]