Olfaction and the Limbic System

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Did you know that our sense of smell is intimately linked to the emotional centers in our brain? A few weeks ago I worked on a woman who had been experiencing repeated discomfort at work for the last few months. Prior to work and almost immediately after heading home her symptoms [...]

Low Back Stiffness

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Nondescript lower back pain is probably one of the most common complaints clients come in with. Such was the case this morning with a high powered businessman. While he had no pain to report, he had been suffering on and off from chronic tightness throughout his lower back. Upon testing him, [...]

Swallowing Pills

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Understanding how to assess cranial nerves is of paramount importance when working with clients who have experienced concussions, migraines, dental work, and cervical procedures, not to mention hyper or hypo sensitivity to various senses such as smell, light, and sound. Today in the P-DTR Amsterdam Advanced class, students learned how to [...]

Blood Pressure Dysfunction

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This weekend the P-DTR DC Foundations students wrapped up their education with a full day of learning about various challenges and symptoms accompanying a lengthy list of cranial and sacral faults. These dysfunctions are almost guaranteed in those that have suffered from concussions, dental work, TMJD, migraines, and whiplash. Specific faults [...]

Forearm Pain

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Bilateral forearm pain due to digestive dysfunction? Perhaps not the first thing that might come to mind but last night that was exactly the ticket. This particular client had recently experienced a nasty bout of illness that lasted the better part of three weeks. While she was finally healthy again, she [...]

Scapular Pain

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Yesterday I worked with a client complaining of the ever-so-classic 'knot' between her scapula and spine. Per her report, she'd been having her kids dig their fingers into it for weeks with no lasting relief and had been waking up at night due to severe discomfort. She clearly had a very [...]

Bodybuilding and Muscular Development

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This past week I worked on a professional bodybuilder complaining of muscular strain and under development of his left pec. Upon observation I noted that his pec was both significantly smaller than the right as well as extremely high tone. To his surprise, rather that finding that his left pec was [...]

Shoulder Abduction

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Abduction is arguably one of the most intricate movements of the shoulder complex. With coordination between humeral glide, scapular movement, and clavicular rotation, not to mention the numerous muscles and ligaments stressed in turn, there are plenty of opportunities for this movement to go wrong. A few weeks back I had [...]

Iliolumbar Ligament

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This past week, students in the P-DTR Amsterdam Intermediate course delved into an in depth examination of spinal biomechanics. One of the most thorough protocols students learned was a full evaluation of the three bands of the iliolumbar ligament. This ligament is crucial in ensuring the stability of the lumbosacral spine [...]