P-DTR Chest Pain

Last week I worked on an older gentleman who’s been suffering from costochondritis for the last 18 months since having a heart valve replaced.

After all of his follow up scans came back clear and physical therapy was unsuccessful, he had resolved to live with the issue until his wife convinced him to come in for a session.

He reported increased pain when holding weighted objects out in front of him and with deep breathing, to the point of where he had stopped exercising altogether. Upon his initial examination we found that the majority of his anterior chest muscles were hypertonic, essentially in a constant state of neurologic contraction.

After addressing many mechanical and nocioceptive dysfunctions in the sternocostal and costalchondral joints and ligaments, he was able to take his first deep breath, pain free, in over a year.

Yesterday I received a follow up message from him letting me know that he’s gotten back into exercise and gone for a run every morning for the past week. 18 months of pain, 4 months of 2x/wk physical therapy, and he’s now asymptomatic after 30 minutes of work with P-DTR.

By locating and eliminating any faulty input into the nervous system, we can quickly and permanently restore the proper output.

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