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A while back I worked on a little boy who’s mother had one goal for him: get him into a collared shirt.

For the past few months, he had put up more and more of a tantrum every time he was required to wear a collared shirt.

As he went to private school with said shirt as a part of his required uniform, this had created quite a lot of stress and strife and early morning arguments.

The mother had tried him in shirts of all variety of materials, tight and baggy fits, with and without buttons.

But still he tugged and pulled at the collar as if it was choking him.

The problem?

Hypersensitive crude touch receptors around his neck.

Prior to P-DTR, I would have had absolutely no idea what to do with a case like this.

With the knowledge it has afforded me and so many others, I knew right what to look for and it was a one session fix.

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