Bilateral forearm pain due to digestive dysfunction? Perhaps not the first thing that might come to mind but last night that was exactly the ticket.

This particular client had recently experienced a nasty bout of illness that lasted the better part of three weeks. While she was finally healthy again, she was left with lingering pain and tightness in both of her anterior forearms.

Upon testing we discovered that her pronator teres was bilaterally hypertonic. Lo and behold, where was it coming from? Dysfunction in the autonomic nervous system that controlled signaling to her stomach.

Did you know that each organ has specific related muscles? For bilateral complaints, tough to resolve cases, and clients with a history of visceral disruption, this knowledge can be invaluable.

Hip pain? Maybe it’s the kidneys. Knee pain? Consider the gallbladder.

Sometimes a hard-to-solve problem just might call for an unconventional solution.

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