OK… so the title of this post is leading (not “mis-leading”…)

Here’s an example of when you can get temporary relief (in this case – strength increase) with one traditional method:

Foam Rolling.

You’ll see that the strength is increased after a bout of foam rolling, but you’ll also see that we can immediately make the client WEAK again in a matter of seconds.

In fact, it’s worse than before when we “undo” the foam rolling’s “positive” effect.

Sometimes, massage and foam rolling can really help your clients problems, but ONLY gives lasting results if the client’s RECEPTORS actually NEED that type of stimulus.

In this case – the receptors “liked” the foam rolling – and his brain gave him strength, but it was all “for show”. We could remove the strength in seconds.

Then – we fix the problem (again – in seconds) by giving the proper stimulus that the nervous system required in order to give him the strength back. And it says there.

See for yourself!

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