pelvic ligs

A few days ago I met with a new client complaining of issues with hip external rotation.

This gentleman regularly worked out and ever since taking a fall a month back, he had been unable to sustain right external rotation throughout the duration of a squat. This was true both weighted and unweighted.

After analyzing his gait, we found that he had excessive pelvic movement on the right as well.

Upon testing, his ipsilateral piriformis was inhibited and produced pain when challenged.

After assessing him via the P-DTR protocol for ligament to muscle relationships, it turned out that his right sacrospinous ligament was responsible for the dysfunction.

In my opinion the ability to evaluate gait from a neurological perspective and having the knowledge to purposefully challenge ligaments throughout the body based on their relationships to dysfunctional muscles has been one of the most valuable tools I took away from my own education throughout the P-DTR courses.

We performed a quick correction and stressed the ligament again to challenge.

His piriformis tested as facilitated and his pelvis stabilized during gait.

This morning I received a follow up email from him.

Those frustrating squats?

He set a new five rep max in the gym yesterday afternoon.

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