scapular pain

Yesterday I worked with a client complaining of the ever-so-classic ‘knot’ between her scapula and spine.

Per her report, she’d been having her kids dig their fingers into it for weeks with no lasting relief and had been waking up at night due to severe discomfort.

She clearly had a very palpable and painful muscular knot about three inches long following the fiber orientation of the rhomboid major.

Upon manual muscle testing we found that her rhomboid major was hypertonic while her levator scapulae wasn’t firing properly.

In her case, these issues were the result of overstimulated nocioceptive input to the cervical spine and dysfunction with her coracoclavicular ligament.

After performing three P-DTR corrections in total, the muscular adhesions melted away completely.

The client was absolutely amazed at how quickly weeks of discomfort disappeared.

The best part?

This entire evaluation and treatment was done with five extra minutes at the end of the session after already working through sciatic nerve entrapment and hip pain.

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