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Abduction is arguably one of the most intricate movements of the shoulder complex.

With coordination between humeral glide, scapular movement, and clavicular rotation, not to mention the numerous muscles and ligaments stressed in turn, there are plenty of opportunities for this movement to go wrong.

A few weeks back I had a client who came in with a significant loss of range of motion in her shoulder in multiple planes. While there was a sudden onset, her symptoms grew worse as time went on.

By the time she came in to see me she was only able to perform about 90 degrees of both shoulder flexion and abduction.

After performing an evaluation, we quickly pinpointed the source of the problem to be high level nocioceptive patterns coming from around her middle and posterior scalenes along with hypertonicity of pec major clavicular.

Using P-DTR we quickly mapped out the source of these dysfunctions and sorted out these issues in a flash.

The before and after pictures above depict just the first TEN MINUTES of the session, including running through a quick history of when and how the symptoms began.

One of the most incredible things about this work is how seamlessly it fits into so many different professions.

Chiropractors, medical doctors, massage therapists, physical therapists, personal trainers… this work is lightning fast and mind-bogglingly effective.

No matter who you ask, this technique is revolutionary to any practice.

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