Autism and Sensory Overload

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Last year I worked on a very special boy who's been on my mind recently. As he suffers from Autism, he came in extremely sensitive to any and all stimuli. He had been referred to me by the psychologist he works with in attempt to get some of his unhealthy responses [...]


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A few months back I had a young man come in complaining of severe discomfort after beginning orthodontic treatment. While some tightness and mild pain is perhaps expected, pronounced discomfort should never be the expectation. This poor guy couldn't even open his mouth wide enough to get a straw in without [...]

Primitive Reflexes

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Primitive reflexes. While some might think that the reappearance of primitive reflexes is an assured sign of structural neurologic damage, in P-DTR, the ability to make sense of the reemergence of these reflexes is one of our most valuable tools. Two weeks ago a client of mine brought her son in [...]