The Gunk in the Glide

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Two weeks ago I had a client come in complaining of dizziness every time he flexed his neck forward. When had it started? After a self adjustment. Now the most important disclaimer and a huge takeaway from this entry... anybody save for a trained profession should NEVER even consider cracking or [...]

Thoracic Rotation

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Last week I worked on a golfer who came in complaining of limited thoracic rotation. We performed a basic seated rotation test and found... no limitation at all. Curious. Moving onto manual muscle testing, we found that his left pec major clavicular, right lat, and left external oblique were all inhibited. [...]

Fascial Restrictions

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Today in Module 2 of DC P-DTR Foundations we discussed the significance of treating golgi dysfunctions in the fascia, particularly over the sites of scars, tattoos, nerve entrapments, and around areas under constant tension. Check out the before and after pictures from just ONE P-DTR correction of the golgis located around [...]