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A few weeks back at a pop up clinic in London I worked on a gentleman suffering from hyperhidrosis. To say that this issue was impacting his life was putting it lightly. All day, every day his hands and feet sweat uncontrollably. And I really do mean uncontrollably. To the point [...]

Meniscal Assessment

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A few weekends back students in the Chicago Intermediate class learned how to assess for and differentiate between dysfunction in the anterior and posterior horns of the medial and lateral menisci. Similar to degenerative discs in the spine, some degree of meniscal degeneration over time is quite natural. As the majority [...]

Sinus Afflictions

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Tis' the season for flu, bronchitis, and sinus infections abound. I recently worked on a woman who'd finished battling a two week long bout with a sinus infection, but had been experiencing persistent nausea, dizziness, and light sensitivity ever since. The first thing I personally perform whenever a client complains of [...]