When Surgery isn’t an Option

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Quite often, I get clients in looking to avoid surgery on XYZ. Barring cases of full tears, nerve compression at the level of the roots, or serious athletes unable to modify daily activities, this is often a very manageable request. One of my favorite clients in this boat was a 60 [...]

The Iliolumbar Ligament and Spinal Loading

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I recently worked with a client coming in complaining of a deep, pinching pain in his groin. His symptoms came on quite acutely after performing a high pull in the gym with poor form. One of the most common causes of lifting injuries occurs when rounding out the spine under load [...]

Low Back Stiffness

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Nondescript lower back pain is probably one of the most common complaints clients come in with. Such was the case this morning with a high powered businessman. While he had no pain to report, he had been suffering on and off from chronic tightness throughout his lower back. Upon testing him, [...]

Iliolumbar Ligament

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This past week, students in the P-DTR Amsterdam Intermediate course delved into an in depth examination of spinal biomechanics. One of the most thorough protocols students learned was a full evaluation of the three bands of the iliolumbar ligament. This ligament is crucial in ensuring the stability of the lumbosacral spine [...]


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In P-DTR, we discuss the organization of the nervous system at length. How does the brain create dysfunctions and compensatory patterns? How are these patterns interwoven? Why does muscle A feel better when you rub, ice, heat, compress, etc muscle B? Sometimes a pattern occurs in isolation. Far more often it [...]


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Sciatica. As healthcare practitioners we're all far too familiar with this phenomenon. Sometimes we're lucky and catch a patient right at the onset of true nerve entrapment and other times we see the patient for the first time years later. Learning about underlying nerve physiology, assessment and treatment through the lens [...]

Diastasis Recti

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Last week was officially the week o' diastasis recti. I saw three women with it, all presenting with a completely different set of symptoms. While this most commonly occurs in women post-pregnancy, it can also be caused by significant weight loss or weight gain, hereditary factors, or connective tissue disorders. In [...]