Keep an Eye on Pain (Literally)

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Did you know that you have the potential to release an opioid even stronger than morphine at any moment you please? Thanks to the interplay between the visual spinotectal pathway and the periaqueductal gray matter (PAG), this is one of our most innate, built in antalgic mechanisms. Receiving information from the [...]

Swallowing Pills

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Understanding how to assess cranial nerves is of paramount importance when working with clients who have experienced concussions, migraines, dental work, and cervical procedures, not to mention hyper or hypo sensitivity to various senses such as smell, light, and sound. Today in the P-DTR Amsterdam Advanced class, students learned how to [...]

Blood Pressure Dysfunction

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This weekend the P-DTR DC Foundations students wrapped up their education with a full day of learning about various challenges and symptoms accompanying a lengthy list of cranial and sacral faults. These dysfunctions are almost guaranteed in those that have suffered from concussions, dental work, TMJD, migraines, and whiplash. Specific faults [...]