The Iliolumbar Ligament and Spinal Loading

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I recently worked with a client coming in complaining of a deep, pinching pain in his groin. His symptoms came on quite acutely after performing a high pull in the gym with poor form. One of the most common causes of lifting injuries occurs when rounding out the spine under load [...]

How to Fix Lat Weakness In 15 Seconds

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OK... so the title of this post is leading (not "mis-leading"...) Here's an example of when you can get temporary relief (in this case - strength increase) with one traditional method: Foam Rolling. You'll see that the strength is increased after a bout of foam rolling, but you'll also see that we can immediately make [...]

Bodybuilding and Muscular Development

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This past week I worked on a professional bodybuilder complaining of muscular strain and under development of his left pec. Upon observation I noted that his pec was both significantly smaller than the right as well as extremely high tone. To his surprise, rather that finding that his left pec was [...]