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I recently worked with a client coming in complaining of a deep, pinching pain in his groin.

His symptoms came on quite acutely after performing a high pull in the gym with poor form.

One of the most common causes of lifting injuries occurs when rounding out the spine under load with improper bracing.

Did you know that in a 70 kg individual that the vertebral load on L3 amounts to more than 340 kg/cm2 while lifting 20 kg with a flexed spine?

Lifting is by no means inherently dangerous but the significance of proper form and appropriate mobility and stability prerequisites becomes infinitely more important to pay mind to when you look at the science of the spine.

Upon evaluation, this gentleman wrenched his iliolumbar ligament during the lift. In response his posterior chain had become hypertonic while his anterior chain was entirely inhibited.

Using P-DTR, we addressed the dysfunctional golgi tendon organs in the iliolumbar ligament and restored function to his psoas.

Over 90% of individuals who report suffering from low back pain never truly find out the root cause of their discomfort.

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