When you really understand neurology (like we can show you), you’ll see that all of the bodies “reactions” happen for a reason.

Here’s a classic example.

We take an accurate Chiropractic (Or Osteopathic – if you want…) adjustment/HVT/HVLA/Spinal manipulation (what ever you want to call it), and REVERSE THE EFFECTS literally, in seconds.

You’ll see the look of surprise on this practitioners face.

Then you’ll see it again, as we fix the problem, PROPERLY without any forceful manipulations to be seen anywhere.

Can you do this?

How many people do you see that would LOVE to NOT have their “neck cracked”??

Do you think – if you fixed neck problems like this (without force) you’d ever “accidentally” cause spinal injury? (not to mention the legal issues that surround these injuries!!).

See what you think.

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