What Is P-DTR?

Proprioceptive – Deep Tendon Reflex (P-DTR)® is the product of the original thought and research of orthopedic surgeon, Dr. José Palomar. This work recognizes that input from sensory receptors – and the way the brain processes the information from these receptors – is critical in determining neuromuscular responses throughout the entire body. If feedback from proprioceptors is aberrant, then motor control is compromised.

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P-DTR® Courses

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Foundations Series

The P-DTR Foundations Series provides students with the most comprehensive and practical functional neurology education available anywhere in the world.

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Intermediate Series

The Intermediate Series expands upon the knowledge from Foundations with a focus on advanced biomechanical analysis of the body’s major joints and training in additional high-level diagnostics unique to P-DTR.

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Advanced Series

The Advanced Series explores the physiology of body systems. Students will learn how to assess and correct viscera, blood pressure, nerve entrapments, lymphatics, metabolic dysfunctions, cranial nerves, and more.

“This technique cracks the intricate code of the human body and all manner of its dysfunctions.”

HANNAH LORD, Physiotherapist

“My introduction to P-DTR was easily one of the most significant events in my life… It will fundamentally change the way medicine is practiced over the next 20 years.”

NOAH DRUCKER, P-DTR Practitioner

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