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Understanding Cluneal Nerve Entrapment
Cluneal nerve entrapment, a condition often mistaken for sciatic nerve issues, can cause debilitating pain across the posterior ilium and upper buttocks. This misdiagnosis frequently leads to ineffective treatments and prolonged suffering.

A Mother’s Painful Journey
In a recent encounter, we met a client’s mother who had been enduring chronic posterior hip and low back pain for over a year. Despite her daughter’s persistent recommendations, she had been reluctant to try P-DTR Therapy. Her daily life had become dependent on a mix of muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories, with no relief in sight.

The P-DTR Assessment and Treatment
Upon her visit, our practitioner conducted a thorough P-DTR assessment. The findings were revealing: hypertonic erectors, glutes, and piriformi, accompanied by marked tenderness above her iliac crest. The root cause? Cluneal nerve entrapment. This nerve, often trapped at the osseofibrous tunnel after exiting the thoracolumbar junction, was the source of her radiating pain.

Using the P-DTR protocols, we focused on restoring the quality of afferent signaling in the affected area. The results were almost immediate, with a 70% improvement in symptoms following the first session.

A Remarkable Recovery
During her follow-up visit a few weeks later, the transformation was astounding. She had not only resumed her regular exercise routine but had also helped a friend move over the weekend. As she left our clinic, she shared, “I walked in here skeptical, not truly believing I could have my old life back. I’ve never been so happy to be so wrong about absolutely everything.”

The Power of P-DTR in Treating Nerve Entrapment
This case is a testament to the effectiveness of P-DTR in addressing conditions like cluneal nerve entrapment. It underscores the importance of accurate diagnosis and the potential of P-DTR to provide significant, life-changing relief.

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