Did you know that P-DTR can help to improve our ability to multitask?

Often times our ability to maximize cognitive focus is dampened by limited resources.

These limited resources can result from diversion via overactive pain information, emotional distractions, mechanical issues, chemical sensitivities, and more. While we often think of multitasking as accomplishing multiple physical tasks at once, this skill goes far beyond that.

Typing out an email while listening to background music.

Walking to work while running through your to-do list for the day.

Chatting with a friend while recognizing the pattern and color of her sweater.

While we may be functional when performing each of these tasks in isolation, our brains sometimes have difficulty with the integration of various centers. When we’re low on resources and are only able to effectively perform a solitary task, we are said to be monotasking.

This is an extremely vulnerable state to operate in as we’re much more susceptible to the external environment and the creation of poor patterns. These corrections are HUGE for clients that are clumsy or tend to injure themselves repeatedly.

Using P-DTR we can ensure that each center of the brain is functioning well in tandem with other regions. This is extremely beneficial in creating a stable and productive platform from which to operate in daily life.

Effective multitasking = effective movement.

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