Understanding Pain Patterns

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Do you find yourself treating "pain" without always getting to the source of where it's coming from? Often clients come to see me to treat symptoms of discomfort and pain. Discomfort can take hold somatically in many forms. The way the symptoms present are clues that tell us not only what [...]

Apical Ligament

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A few weeks back a massage therapist friend brought her mother in to see me, complaining of "10 out of 10" debilitating neck pain. Every movement elicited a grimace or exclamation of pain, particularly rotation. After running through visual and palpatory observations, we found that she was exhibiting a thalamic inhibition [...]


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In P-DTR, we discuss the organization of the nervous system at length. How does the brain create dysfunctions and compensatory patterns? How are these patterns interwoven? Why does muscle A feel better when you rub, ice, heat, compress, etc muscle B? Sometimes a pattern occurs in isolation. Far more often it [...]