How to Fix Lat Weakness In 15 Seconds

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OK... so the title of this post is leading (not "mis-leading"...) Here's an example of when you can get temporary relief (in this case - strength increase) with one traditional method: Foam Rolling. You'll see that the strength is increased after a bout of foam rolling, but you'll also see that we can immediately make [...]

When Lumbar Traction Helps Low Back Pain (But Isn’t Enough)

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Traction can be super helpful for certain lower back presenting complaints. You know when traction literally "stops" the pain and the client gains an immediate sense of relief. You might test them first - see a reduced active and passive straight leg raise test as your diagnostic cue, and head down the pathway of a disc bulge [...]

Resolving Pectoral Pain Instantly with P-DTR®

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Here's a classic example of just how powerful P-DTR® is in a real time situation. If you're reading this, and you do ANY form of bodywork, manual or massage therapy, watch CLOSELY - because we can (literally) UNDO your work in a matter of SECONDS. There are two sides to this story: The clients side - they [...]

Watch Us “Undo” This Chiropractic Adjustment in Seconds (& Fix It Again)

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When you really understand neurology (like we can show you), you'll see that all of the bodies "reactions" happen for a reason. Here's a classic example. We take an accurate Chiropractic (Or Osteopathic - if you want...) adjustment/HVT/HVLA/Spinal manipulation (what ever you want to call it), and REVERSE THE EFFECTS literally, in seconds. You'll see the look of surprise on this [...]

How To Fix an “Inhibited” Muscle – the PROPER Way

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There are some courses around that use the words "inhibited" and "facilitated" as a description of how muscles feel (strength wise) to the practitioner when they test them for strength. Then, based on these tests, the practitioner then tests other "related muscles" to try and figure out where a compensation is. Then - they [...]

From Wheelchair To Walking In One Treatment

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This young woman arrived in a wheelchair to one of our courses with her parents. As a therapist - you've got to ask yourself HOW do you even BEGIN to help people when they present like this, other than to "suppress" the symptoms with medication? Watch this video to hear her story: [...]