Nerve Entrapment Treatment with P-DTR

nerve entrapment

When the client came to my office she was scared and didn’t know what to do.

The client had lost the feeling in her shoulder, arm, and hand two days prior.

Her job was physical and without the use of her hand not only could she not work to support herself, but she was financially supporting her father whom was ill.  She sat down with me and I asked her what had happened.

She was emotionally overwhelmed and had been working much more that she usually would. That with the added family stress, together it constructed a neurological house of cards. After lifting a vacuum cleaner into a closet, she noticed discomfort in her shoulder. By the next day she couldn’t use her arm very well. Her symptoms worsened by the following day – she couldn’t feel or move her arm.

Upon exam, she had no sensation of touch, vibration, or a painful stimulus on her right arm. She couldn’t move her arm or hand. As I palpated her neck, shoulder, and arm she flinched in pain in common nerve entrapment sites. I explained what her symptoms presented like and how we would treat it gently with P-DTR.

Several minutes into her eyes perked up as she looked at me and said,

“I can feel my thumb!”

A few more minutes later she said, “I can feel my hand” as she started to regain sensory and motor function in her arm.

In one treatment session, after treating many mechanoreceptor and nociceptor pairs in and around her anterior neck, shoulder and arm, she had full sensory perception and almost full motor function.

She came in the following day for a follow up appointment. She said,

“I don’t know what you did but it’s a miracle.”

I laughed with her but I knew the real reward would be in resolving her symptoms completely. After 5 more minutes of treatment, mainly treating a Paleospinothalamic dysfunction in her cervical spine, she had full sensory and full motor function restored. I tested her arm muscles not only for connectivity but for strength and endurance which she passed with flying colors.

This case made me appreciate the knowledge and neurological tools that P-DTR provides. I was able to confidently treat this person in a little more than 45 minutes. P-DTR provides both the understanding and effective techniques to provide nervous system therapy. It’s simply remarkable.

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