I received a call from a woman wondering if I could help her with her unexplained cramping in her both of her legs.

She described that the symptoms began 6 weeks prior and at its worse she wasn’t able to walk. The symptoms had intensified to the point that she couldn’t walk or sleep without having her shoes on!

Sleeping, showering, everything – WITH HER SHOES ON! 

If she took her shoes off, the cramping, although constant, would increase and she couldn’t walk.

As a P-DTR practitioner, her need to wear shoes all the time was the biggest clue.  She had been to several doctors to diagnose and treat. Lab results showed normal levels of electrolytes and nothing else showed up on tests that could have contributed to her problem.

The first session was very emotional for the client as the symptoms were debilitating and all consuming.  Because of her presentation and need for wearing shoes all the time, I knew that it must have been the pressure of the shoes that decreased the signal and therefore decreased the cramping in her muscles.

I treated as much as I could through and around her shoes as even the thought of taking the shoes off was terrifying.

The first session she had a marked decrease in symptoms and was able to take one shoe off. After the second treatment, she was able to take both shoes off but still not able to walk without them on.

By the third treatment, symptoms had been greatly reduced and was able to walk again without the need for shoes.

This was an emotional journey and it was amazing to her how P-DTR was able to help her without the use of drugs. She went back to her doctors telling them all about P-DTR and how they should include it in their practice.

Ultimately with the epidemic of opioids in our country, we see this as a direction traditional healthcare should and we expect will adopt.

For now, one client, one patient at a time getting success stories out to people in need that would otherwise have no relief.

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