The Better Way to Help a Broken Pelvis


The email read, “I broke my pelvis in 4 places…” and the client noted the date.

I wondered if he meant a year ago or 12 days prior to the email. Indeed, the client had a major bike accident 12 days before our first session fracturing his pelvis but thankfully no major head trauma or injuries.

He counted himself lucky. Indeed he was. Physical therapy wanted to see him after he healed but as a competitive cyclist and not able to fully walk, he was referred to my for my various specialties in bodywork relating to trauma.

When we first met, he was able to bear weight on his right leg but not at all on his left leg. He also had difficulty in lifting his left leg and was experiencing pain in sitting.  He had tension in various places and pain with certain movements.

Soft tissue work helped to stretch and mobilize some of the affected areas.

Then using P-DTR, I treated nociceptors and Golgi’s in and around his pelvis, building back the strength he had prior to the accident.

After the first session he felt like things tightened up but quickly settled to a place where he could bear weight on his left leg – WITHOUT PAIN.  The second session went similar mobilizing and treating Pacini, crude touch, vibratory, and Golgi receptors around his sacrum and adductors.

Hip flexors, hamstrings, and piriformis all became noticeably stronger from the treatment.  It’s always enjoyable to describe to clients what I am doing and where the can really feel the instant changes that P-DTR can provide.

I see clients soon after injuries and often many months or years after injury. I advise clients, like in this case, the sooner you can get treatment and start on your recovery program, the better and faster the process will be.  I’m looking forward to his recovery and hearing his success back on his bike where he loves to be.

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